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Wars are not fought for peace and democracy

Wars are not fought for peace and democracy

The Myth

Wars are for peace & democracy


  • Wars for democracy are unsuccessful.
  • The US has a long history or invading and occupying others.
  • War is more likely to happen when there is oil.
  • Forcing democracies does not work.
  • Wars brew hatred and violence in the aftermath.
  • Wars are fought for money.

The evidence

  • Foreign governments are 100 times more likely to intervene in civil wars when the country at war has large oil reserves.
  • Oil dependent economies have favored stability and support dictators rather than emphasizing democracy.
  • The war in Iraq led to deep resentment of the US and helped grow violent extremism.
  • Afghanistan is categorized as an authoritarian regime, ranking at 152 of 167 countries on the Democracy Index (2012).
  • In 2013 Iraq ranked among the eight most corrupt nations in the world.

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