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Social Media and Conflict

Social Media and Conflict

"Social media networks equip activists and intellectuals with avenues to raise issues of importance for their constituencies and networks"

Nonviolent Resistance and Police Deflection in Honduras

Nonviolent Resistance and Police Deflection in Honduras

In Honduras, police officers abandon posts and defy orders to join nonviolent protests against election fraud. Police defection grew as protests spread to other cities. Nonviolent activists can lessen chances of violent repression by strategically publicizing the contrast between their actions and those of their opponent–and by taking measures to facilitate security force defection.

Nonviolent Conflict Escalation

Borrowing from the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights, the authors argue all conflicts are equal with the same right to recognition and resolution, although many remain unknown to the broader public and ultimately unresolved. In many cases, the process

Defeating ISIS with Nonviolent Resistance

The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) is a radical religious group possessing the tendencies of both a violent insurgency and a totalitarian regime. ISIS has killed and enslaved thousands of innocent civilians and pathed the way to one of

Sanctions as a Tool for Peace

Sanctions have the capacity to severely hinder a country’s economic growth and their ability to maintain a strong military presence. This article provides further insight into the important role sanctions play in international politics, especially when used as a tool