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Would Instituting A Draft Get the U.S. Out of Afghanistan?

Would Instituting A Draft Get the U.S. Out of Afghanistan?

The United States has been fighting a war in Afghanistan Since 2001, costing thousands of lives and more than a trillion dollars. Today, many Americans are unaware of our continued presence in the country and much fewer understand why the U.S. is still there. Would a military draft raise people's awareness of wars fought by their country? How would this change war support in the U.S.?

Addressing Economic Inequalities and Right-Wing Terrorism

“After recent terrorist attacks, I have witnessed the proliferation of anti-Muslim rhetoric and the rise of right-wing extremist parties…this has led to an atmosphere of fear towards Muslims in countries where they are seen as a separate ethnic group or viewed as foreign.” Populist parties have gained support by capitalizing on concerns over the financial burdens of migration and the belief that migrants engage in crime, take jobs away from nationals, are a threat to national identity, or have religious practices incompatible with modern society.