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costs of war

War Finance Methods and Public Support for War

The following analysis is from Volume 3, Issue 2 of the Peace Science Digest  There are two primary ways countries finance their wars: through borrowing money or by taxing their citizens. Each of these finance options affects the economy differently,

The Effects of Military Spending on Economic Growth

The debate over how military spending impacts a country’s economy has been fiercely argued, and the results of studies trying to understand this relationship have been mixed. Early researchers ran into trouble due to inadequate time frame or country data.

Long-Term Human Costs of Nuclear Weapons Tests in the Pacific

The devastating toll of nuclear weapons was most obviously observed after their use in war. Less observed, but also extremely harmful to human life and the environment have been the decades of testing by nuclear-armed countries. This article provides an

Human Rights Implications of Foreign U.S. Military Bases

  Since the end of the Second World War, the United States has implemented a foreign policy strategy where U.S. troops are constantly stationed in foreign countries. For the host country, the presence of U.S. troops has varying social, economic,

Human Costs of Military Intervention

Over recent decades there has been a push in the academic community to understand more about the human consequences of armed conflict. This study seeks to add to that understanding by analyzing past foreign military interventions and their influence on

The true cost of human life and why it matters

There are obvious differences between the human and financial costs of war, but their respective impact on war support needs to be further distinguished. This study helps bring attention to the unusual priorities behind war support in the United States

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