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Stop Military Exercises And Give Diplomacy A Chance

Stop Military Exercises And Give Diplomacy A Chance


“On the heels of a meeting between North and South Korea in which Kim Jong-un reportedly put denuclearization on the table, a grassroots coalition of more than 200 anti-war organizations and activists sent an open letter (pdf) to President Donald Trump on Thursday calling on his administration to help further “the current momentum for peace and dialogue in Korea” by canceling planned U.S.-South Korea military exercises”.

In The News:

“We believe the current U.S. campaign of ‘maximum pressure’ against the North is both provocative and dangerous,” the letter notes, arguing that recently announced sanctions could spark a “horrific” conflict on the Korean Peninsula. “Putting off the military exercises indefinitely will give more time for  North-South diplomacy, with U.S. support, and allow the initiation of U.S.-North Korea talks, as both the  North Korean and South Korean governments now advocate.”

Support from Peace Science:

  • The U.S.’s overwhelming military capabilities and the presence of U.S. troops on the Korean Peninsula are primary motivators for North Korea’s nuclear program.

The dangerous rhetoric and posturing of U.S. and North Korean leaders have lead us to the brink of war. We are witnessing a very dangerous pattern of conflict escalation by two nuclear-armed leaders whose power rests upon strong-man talk and action. In this pattern, a move by one must be answered with a stronger countermove by the other. This is unacceptable to Americans, North Koreans, and humanity. The recent invitation by North Korea to host the U.S. for peace talks is a huge step towards de-escalating this conflict. It is vital that neither party engage in hostile or threatening actions/military exercises/rhetoric, etc. that would jeopardize this monumental step towards peace on the Korean Peninsula.  . not engage in


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