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Social Media and Conflict

Social Media and Conflict


Social Media use during violent conflict

In the News:

Social media networks equip activists and intellectuals with avenues to raise issues of importance for their constituencies and networks.

Enrico De Angelis and Yazan Badran. Open Democracy. 2018.

In the context of military conflict, these networks could play a significant role in shaping new political blocs, opportunities, and subjectivities

Peace Science Insights:

  • In conflict, social media makes communication for individuals and groups easier and increases the speed and spread of information.
  • In conflict, social media generates new data and information about popularity, support, and the conflict environment.


Peace Science Digest Vol. 2, Issue 6. “How Social Media is Changing Conflict” 

The crowds and the individual: why we should rethink how we debate complex issues on social media by Enrico De Angelis and Yazan Badran. Open Democracy. 2018

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