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Military Aid, Especially Arms Deals, Decrease National Security

Military Aid, Especially Arms Deals, Decrease National Security


A new policy proposal is in the works, allowing U.S. gun manufacturers to sell their firearms abroad. Peace Science shows how arms deals compromise national security.

In the News:

The Trump administration has proposed making it easier for U.S. gun companies to sell their firearms abroad. Under this proposal, Semiautomatic weapons would no longer be regulated as military equipment and it will be much more difficult for regulatory bodies to control the spread of weapons abroad-making it much easier for anyone to obtain powerful weapons.

“Human rights advocates worry that it will be easier for rebel groups and armed gangs to acquire military-style weapons such as the AK-47, which — whether semi- or fully automatic — are often used in war crimes and human rights atrocities, as they have been in civil conflicts from Liberia to Afghanistan to Yemen and Colombia.”

Insight from Peace Science:

  • Foreign military support in intrastate conflicts increases the risk of retaliatory terrorist attacks by groups from countries experiencing those conflicts.
  • Weapons sales are the most significant factor in increasing the likelihood of these attacks.


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