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Decent Work Opportunities Are Key To Lasting Peace

Decent Work Opportunities Are Key To Lasting Peace


United Nations officials are calling for more economic opportunities to help establish and sustain peace in the Central African Republic (CAR).

In the News:

“The Central African Republic (CAR) has called on the United Nations labour agency to provide special assistance to the conflict-torn nation and make it a “pilot-country” for the implementation of a programme to build peace and resilience through job creation…Outlining the gravity of the crisis in his country, CAR’s President, Faustin Archange Touadéra, said that reducing unemployment, especially for youth, was a priority, to better fight against poverty and risks of radicalization.”

“Expanding economic opportunities, ensuring the recognition of fundamental social and economic rights, advocating, advancing and achieving decent work, and facilitating social dialogue between workers, employers and civic organizations, are critical components of recovery from conflict and the prevention of any return to war.”

Insight from Peace Science

  • Participation in opposition groups can be non-ideological. In many developing countries, joining an opposition group is the best, or only, economic opportunity available.
  • When people experience greater security and broader life-opportunities, they place greater emphasis on socially tolerant values and are less willing to risk their lives for their countries during war.


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